Zermatt VS

Acceptable conditions, good weather, awesome company, unforgettable time – Zermatt, August 03rd-07th, 2014

In a nutshell:
Day 1: Arrival in Zermatt (1616m), hike to mountain inn Flue (2618m), 1000m↑
Day 2: Rimpfischhorn 4199m, PD+ II, 1800m↑↓ + 1000m↓ down to Zermatt by bike
Day 3: Train to Rotenboden (2815m), hiking to Monte Rosa Hut SAC (2883m), 300m↓↑
Day 4: Dufourspitze 4634m traverse, PD+ II (AD- III), 1800m↑↓
Day 5: Return to Rotenboden and Zermatt, enjoying the best burgers in town at Brown Cow Pub

Jump to gallery 1 Rimpfischhorn
Jump to gallery 2 Dufourspitze

Snowfall at the end of July and the first days in August is not uncommon at high altitude, but in this intensity it cancelled our original plan. Looking for a reasonable alternative, we ended up with the climbing of Rimpfischhorn and the traverse of Dufourspitze, the highest peak on swiss territory.

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