Schneerinne Nord

Mieminger Kette, Grünstein Ostgrat, “Schneerinne Nord” 42°-50°: ZS, 4.2, E2
Mieming range, Tyrol/AT, ‘Grünstein’ east ridge, “Snow chute” 42°-50°: AD, 4.2, E2 (Toponeige)

The idea was to ski some powder weeks after the last dump. As we have been in the area only 4 days before, we were pretty sure about snow conditions. Well, it turned out that we were absolutely wrong and nothing but hard packed snow remained for us. But that day, nothing could hold us back. Not even the rock outcrops in the upper part. Once there, it was our point of return, as skiing it wouldn’t change for the better…


Dont miss our video on vimeo:

And some additional pictures of the little adventure:

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