Springtime Lethargy

Springtime lethargy

(Working title: May powder)
..no, of course I am not tired of skiing.. but again disenchantment begins to spread.


Spring powder, 20cm fresh, May 2nd

Another season is drawing to an end and again so many unfulfilled dreams and open projects have to wait for another chance. I tried hard this year, but somehow things didn’t come together as they should. For another time it turned out, that I’d be well advised to keep expectations low in order to not meet with disappointment.

And so I did last Sunday! – yeah, that Sunday which originally was intended to become the final day of the season outshining weekend skiing in Cha-mo-nix. Then the full spectrum of bad luck came in hard. Poor snow basis and bad weather forced us to change plans in favor of a smaller trip inside the Bernina Range. Because of my partner’s sudden prevention, we even had to discard that. No offense, but that really sucked.

And while I am typing this, I see others going for the real deal. Kind of frustrating.

Well, while trying to get used to the circumstances of sitting at home all weekend long, I couldn’t stop thinking about alternative goals. My season pass was only valid until May fifteenth, so I finally decided to go for a single day ski touring.. thanks to the crew it became a pretty good day though.

Above 3000m we got the unexpected (but hoped-for) p o w d e r : Slightly wet, but still great to ski!




Not bad for May 17th


There is more to come 🙂

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