Last day of the season

Piz Palü – Bernina range / Switzerland

As mentioned in my last post, we already had planned a trip to the Bernina range the month before. Back then it didn’t happen and so we came up with idea to extend the original plan and make it an end of the season ski trip. We ended up skiing Piz Palü without summiting any other peaks around (Skiing the east side of Piz Bernina would have been the 2nd goal as we planned for it in May). It was simply too warm. Snow had not yet transformed into summer corn; it was deep, wet and atrocious to ski. From 9:30 in the morning wet slides came down everywhere and seracs started to break off the face. So at the bottom line it was a nice way to finish the ski season in an absolutely stunning scenery. The bigger objectives have to wait for better conditions and therefore we will return for sure.

The original Intention

This is the original plan we made. Perhaps somebody else may use it in future. It’s designed to combine 2 individual 2 day undertakings because part of the team wasn’t able to join us from the first half on. Otherwise the traverse of Piz Palü to reach Marco e Rosa hut is also an option.

  • Day 1: Approach bivvy site at point ‘A’ or ‘B’ (red)
  • Day 2: Piz Palü and return to camp (green)
  • Day 3: Meet the rest of the team (1st bin Diavolezza cable car) (orange), common traverse to Marco e Rosa hut (cyan). Depending on conditions/time via ‘Bellavista’ (blue)
  • Day 4: Summit Piz Bernina via the normal route and descending the east face (sect. 40°-45°) (violet)
bernina — Swisstopo 1277

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