Autumn 15

From Flip-Flops to Skiboots in 4 Weeks

A bit more than one month from summer to winter.. Wow that changed quick. The pictures above were taken between end of August and the beginning of October. Earlier in September I went to Sion in Valais for a couple of days climbing and simply enjoying a short time off. I think I could get used to that picturesque valley, the liquid cheese, the red wine and the people. 🙂
One of the climbs is documented here.

Großer Moeseler

Back home the first snowfall hit the alps during the week. The next pictures are from the weekend that followed. Four people, virtually alone in the hut, and one common goal: Climbing “Großer Moeseler” in the Zillertal Alps via the glaciated northface. A broken crampon forced one team to evade the ice and fall back on the normal route. With loads of snow even this became a bit delicate.
Small tour but good fun:

2 thoughts on “Autumn 15

  1. Wow tolle Bilder, warst ja echt viel unterwegs! Ich freu mich schon auf einen gemeinsamen Skitouren-Winter mit hoffentlich vielen steilen Abfahrten:-)

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