Bike exped

Rideable or not?

Micro mountain bike expedition in the Oetztal Alps

An essential part of mountain biking – just like any other mountain sport – is the planning and preparation of the tour or route. Therefore I usually use a paper map and satellite photos (google earth, 3D outdoors guides). What is rideable, what is not, often remains a secret until you get there.
If I were the guy to simply download the next best GPS track and just follow the idea of somebody else, that approach wouldn’t have brought me here never ever. It is kind of expedition, head to the Alps, to places were you’ve never been before… sometimes you get highly rewarded, sometimes you literally walk away with nothing.
In a certain way this happened both on this Oetztal trip.

Absolutely stunning scenery on one hand, less than 50% of the ridgeline rideable on the other hand. Was that worth it? Look at the photos below, you decide:

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