Plätzwiese extreme

Plätzwiese – Dürrenstein variation

1400 m vertical, S2-S3 trails

Uphill facts
700 m pedaling
700 m pushing / carrying
Downhill facts
100 m S3 summit (exposed)
600 m S2-S3 main section
700 m S0-S1 trails down to Schluderbach

Earlier last week on perfect dolomite trails. Probably the best (legal) view of the “Drei Zinnen” (three merlons) a mountain biker can get..

The “Dürrenstein” summit is a more demanding variation of the mountain bike classic traverse of the so-called “Plätzwiese”. This is well-known for touring bikers but quite boring if you are into technical single track riding. The summit is quite sketchy and even on the way down it is no shame to carry the bike for 2-3 short section. Still, experienced bikers may ride it all. The main section was all rideable for me, so I think it’s S2 trails – maybe slightly more difficult. From the “Plätzwiese” plateau down to the valley, there are multiple options ranging from S0 to S4 single tracks.

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