Sexten, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll

End of the bike season?

Looking at the recent snowfall and what looks like proper instagram conditions (-1-, -2-, -3-), this might very well have been the last bike tour for the season..

We did the full “Helm” to “Eisenreich” ridgeline traverse high above the village of Sexten. It wasnt exactly out intention, but ended up doing so after discarding the initial plan to do the parallel running and so-called “demut”-passage. The latter is part of the “stoneman trail”, a highly promoted mountain bike tour which according to tourism marketing text is “very demanding” and “exclusively reserved for experts”…

Well, the technical difficulty then never exceeds S1 rated single tracks, but still it was a tough possible final with about 2000 m vertical and about 40k in distance.



2 thoughts on “Sexten, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll

  1. Geill Adrian! Cooler Beitrag.
    Ich habe vor die Bilder von dir zu diversen Bikemagazinen zu schicken um daraus eine coole Story zu machen.
    Darf ich die Bilder dafür werwenden?

    Lg Ffelix aus Sexten

    1. Hi Felix, merci für deinen Kommentar. Klar die Bilder kannst du gerne hernehmen (Verweis wär nice). Allerdings gibt’s die nicht​ besser Aufgelöst als hier bzw was ich dir geschickt hatte! Hau rein, Gruß Adrian

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