Hi everyone!

this is a Munich (GER) based and public log book dedicated to my

climbing and skiing activities

As a gear nerd, week-end mountaineer and hobby photographer this blog steadily grows with me. I started climbing during my studies what seems to be like far too late for me. I like it but at the same time feel that I am not going to make it to some advanced level.
When I bought my first skis back in winter 2010/2011, little did I know what was in store for me… It is the skiing that I really love, and it is the steep technical skiing that captured my imagination.

Ski you soon


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Adrian,

    super Blog mit spitzen Einträgen. Bin selber sowas wie eine WE mountaineer 🙂
    Heute gehts nach Cham zum x´ten mal bereits, hab mir bereits ein paar Ideen für Touren von deinem Blog geklaut. Mach weiter so!!!

  2. Richtig fette Seite hast du da aufgebaut! Optisch sehr ansprechend mit starken Bildern die echt Bock machen… Ein echter Geheimtipp, bitte immer weiter so!cya

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