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Skiing and related stuff

Tyrol Reini Scherer’s (Freeski Tirol) online collection of some homeland steeps One of my favorite and most inspiring sites around. Dedicated to steep skiing in Tyrol, the Dolomites and Chamonix. A guide’s page offering some information on ambitious ski rando in the “Zillertal”. Looking for some touring destination in the “Kalkkoegel” range? Check this out! Not enough on “Kalkkoegel” yet? Have a look here and find many other jewels as well.
klartellsstories You probably cant be able to ski more than her on a non professional basis. Based in Tyrol; with exceptionel impressions about where to ski in the area and world wide GAP or austrian-bavarian boarder region: classics and loads more
Mario on flickr Nice pictures of rather demanding (ski-) mountaineering in Tyrol and the eastern Alps A Guides’ site with some hidden information about touring possibilities in the austrian-bavarian boarder region

The Dolomites

Chamonix A true icon of the present ski community and exceptional personality. Admired Andreas, ski in peace you will be missed my so many. (Site down) Find Andreas’ old Chamonix blog here. I like it more because the skiing is raw and hasn’t been affected by the indurstie’s marketing machinery as much as his current main sponsor does. Andreas’ friend and “personal filmmaker’s” video project blog. Better visit Bjarne on vimeo! (Or on one of the major platforms for outdoor films) Guiding and skiing around Chamonix: In his Blog -which is almost a complete documentary for Chamonix lines- you’ll also find some early Andreas Fransson photos skiing the sickest decents. New website, old blogs coming soon. You probably won’t understand what he writes about (neigther did I) unless you see him skiing or hear the tales from other people. Some amazing reports where you truly can feel the passion for skiing. RIP Arne. (Site down) Thor Husted, skier, mountain guide. Instagram profile of David Rosenbarger, hop-turn master and esthetic skier. Another sad loss 😦 RIP THE Chamonix photo blog. Mostly around with the US pro team in town. For sure some of the closest chamonix skiing photos you can get. Skiing, Climbing, Photography by a Cham based Scotsman Extreme ski descents around the alps including many rarely skied test pieces Many ski mountaineering highlights and a lot more by this Cham based guide aspriant. Some Chamonix climbs and skis Chamonix climbing and skiing conditions A ski bum life in chamonix
brunocompagnet Photo blog of ‘black crows’ co-founder and freeride legend Bruno Compagnet
Mikko Heimonen This guy is currently one of the most active skiers in Chamonix!
Mika Merikanto Another Fin, great ski descents around Cham + Switzerland
Oskar Lindby Chamonix ski bum from Sweden. Nice stuff!

Rock and alpine climbing A joung alpinist whose solo style I realy like. Some amazing Patagonia footage. This might also fall into the Chamonix category. Very very nice action shots from around the globe by Jon Griffith. Check out the Cham-blog. .. Ally Swinton’s alpine climbs

Knowledge base Nothing more to say.. Live to ski: Rando Steve’s (RIP) blog