Milieu Glacier

Aiguille d’Argentière

via Milieu Glacier:
AD-, 4.2, E2 / 40-45° 300m

Concerning the weather it is the first really good day on this side of the valley this week. I had a couple of nice runs down the Midi and some good touring in the Aiguilles Rouges (Link) far from any crowds (Link). Yesterday I had the feeling that I arrived were I wanted to go for a long time. Fresh snow in the massive, only locals in the cable car and while the usual suspects skied everything from Cosmiques to Col du Plan (Link) we had the easy side of the mountain for ourselves (Link).
To test how Mont Blanc technical ratings feel, I skied something I was sure to be capable of in any conditions. Although I went out alone today it became an excellent touring day.

One should never overestimate one’s abilities when it comes to skiing in a high mountain environment like this, despite the fact that a little bit of self-confidence is sometimes necessary to progress to the next level of difficulty. (…) This area has a selection of complete ski-mountaineering routes. They require a very good, solid technique and a certain independence of spirit that allows you to take your own decisions (…)
— Anselme Baud, Mont Blanc and the Aiguelles Rouges, a guide for skiers


Today was one of THOSE days. First day in a week with that good visibility.


Now I know why they call it the HIGH traverse. Better than any drug.


The route up Milieu Glacier


View from the flat middle section of the glacier back to Aig. Verte and the top of the Grands Montets


Sneak view on the top of Les Courtes NE face


Col de l’Aiguille Verte and Col Armand Charlet


Rather difficult skiing in the crux section which was quite hard.


That view is absolutely second to none

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