Glacier Rond

A normal ski day in Chamonix

Probably the biggest classic down the Aiguille du Midi

It’s the first time I skied it and yes it’s a good one. Not too steep, in fairly good conditions and in front of (most) people.

Glacier Rond: AD, 4.2, E3 – 45° / 250m – 40° / 500m (exit couloir)

The following photos are mainly from today, showing the upper face in similar conditions like I found them last Tuesday when I skied it. Upper section was sluffed off and rather firm and grippy but with powder stashed at the sides. The exit couloir that day had already seen 5 people and maybe the same count the day before. It was still deep and skied really well.


At the Téléphérique


The Midi-Plan-Traverse


Skiers waiting for a weather window


Stormy tunnel exit


Caution on the ridge today


To enter the Rond one has to traverse below the Cosmiques ridge, then traverse right


Pete and a friend entering the Rond


Skiers at the top of the Rond


The upper section of the Rond and the view into the exit couloir


The exit couloir was deep

And this is how skiing in the exit couloir (can) look like:


Chocards flying by

The Line


Aiguille du Midi west face with the ski line marked. Photo by Cedric Bernardini

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