In the heart of the Stubai Alps: Couloir skiing at its finest

Lisenser Spitze / Brunnenkogelwand
– 1st west couloir

PD, 4.2, E2 / 42° 500m + 100m rappel

I had an eye on this line for many years now and finally skied this beautiful couloir in the best company I can imagine.
Easy approach and usually a good skin track follwing the famous ski-touring destinations up to Lisenser Fernerkogel and Lisenser Spitze. The crux of the descent is definitely the mandatory double rappel at the entry of the couloir (60m + 40m). Slings / pegs are highly recommend to set up save anchors. Carefull with loose rocks!

The skiing itself is never too steep and pure joy in good snow conditions. The west-facing aspect of the couloir should make for no timing issue. However, finding and setting up the rappel anchors can be quite time-consuming! Something potential repeaters should keep in mind.

Some snowboarding pictures followed by some skiing pictures:

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