In the heart of the Stubai Alps: Couloir skiing at its finest

Lisenser Spitze / Brunnenkogelwand
– 1st west couloir

PD, 4.2, E2 / 42° 500m + 100m rappel

I had an eye on this line for many years now and finally skied this beautiful couloir in the best company I can imagine.
Easy approach and usually a good skin track follwing the famous ski-touring destinations up to Lisenser Fernerkogel and Lisenser Spitze. The crux of the descent is definitely the mandatory double rappel at the entry of the couloir (60m + 40m). Slings / pegs are highly recommend to set up save anchors. Carefull with loose rocks!

The skiing itself is never too steep and pure joy in good snow conditions. The west-facing aspect of the couloir should make for no timing issue. However, finding and setting up the rappel anchors can be quite time-consuming! Something potential repeaters should keep in mind.

Some snowboarding pictures followed by some skiing pictures:

2 thoughts on “Brunnenkogelwände

  1. Hey adrien, can you share more information about the entrance of the couloir/place of the anchor for the first rappel and any hints how you build the second anchor and how to find it? Did you use pitons which maybe still are in good conditions?
    Thanks a lot for your interesting posts on your blog. I pop in sometimes for inspiration 🙂

    1. Hi Jacob, freut mich, danke für die Blumen!
      Zu den von uns verwendeten Abseilern:
      1.) Sanduhrschlinge ca. 3-4m oberhalb der Scharte.
      2.) massiver Klemmblock für lange Schlinge oder Reepschnur nach ziemlich genau 60m.. Seildehnung ausnutzen 😉
      Ich weiß von Wiederholern, dass am 2. Standplatz kein Material von uns mehr da war..
      VG Adrian

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