Aiguilles Dorées

Copt Couloir: D+, 5.2, E2  / 50° 200m

The Copt Couloir is nice and short and is a good place to consolidate a taste for steep skiing. If the snow is hard your first turns will be quite hesitant. Stay in balance and control and link your turns with the help of judicious side-slipping. The start of this route is quite comfortable and not too intimidating.

– Anselme Baud, Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles Rouges | a guide for skiers

One day, sooner than later, I will remember those words.
This is magical.
Picture taken 2015-03-27 during our “Haute Route” from Saas-Fee to Argentière


Copt Couloir: D+, 5.2, E2 / 50° 200m

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