Granite fever

What a pleasure to climb this warm primary rocks in the Stubai alps:

Wilde Leck‘ 3361m, traverse E to W ridge,  alpine climbing (AD, section IV)

Information for repeaters: Descending via the normal route (south face) is no longer possible because of  last years rockslide. Suitable alternative is to down climb the west ridge (II-III, airy sections) and do two full length rappels (60m each, 10m walking in between) from P.3220 through the gully down to the glacier. Most parties use this variant.


We start belaying in the key section, having climbed the first half of the ridge without using the rope

Part II (© Steeven)

The ridge seen from a second perspective (photo credits to Steeven):


Nice Boulder. Something for the garden 😛


sharp ridge infront of the last step

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