Dust on Crust

Discovering IBK locals’s backyard.

Social media is great! To find good spots as recreational skier (meaning you can’t be outside everyday), the exchange of informations about snow conditions is super important this winter. Nobody will ever tell you exactly where they skied – it’s like Coca Cola unveils their recipe – but with a bit of knowledge you are able to find out.
Today we are in the footsteps of Mel Presslaber. Thanks for sharing.

Weather in the morning is not as good as we have hoped for, however it’s good enough to dare to ski. It’s a couple of years now since I have been here the last time, but it’s a first to ski this variation. Last weekend’s rain destroyed snow as high up as 2200m therefor it was good to know that this week’s thin layer of fresh fluffy snow wasn’t blown away. Additionaly we got a few cenitmeters more and it felt like making first tracks.


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