Back in mid March we spent 2 weeks skiing in Sunnmøre, Norway.
If you are used to ski in the Alps, it’s an absolute unique experience to ski right above the fjords. Something I definetly want to experience again. It may be a little less well known than the famous Lofoten or Lyngen Alps, but especially in early season, Sunnmøre alps offer better quality skiing than the destinations in the far north. Still we encountered unpredictable weather and considerable avalanche danger which made only for 8 out of 13 ski days. (The first possible ski day was canceled because we missed our connecting flight :/ )

The mountains we hit along the way:

  • Blåbretinden (P.1412)
  • Svartetindane
  • Kolåstinden
  • Herdalsnibba (west couloir)
  • Slogen
  • Smørskredtindane (aborted, high slab danger)
  • Grøtdalstinden
  • Fingeren

Rest day activity

When we decided to hit the west couloir on Herdalsnibba, it was actually supposed to be rest day as the weather wasn’t really good. However, with only about 200m approach for a 300m couloir we couldn’t resist. Especially when you start off the road where you parked your car right below the ski line. As you can see from the pictures it was good fun:

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