Glockturm – Y

Skiing in the jewelry box

NW couloir (or the looker’s right branch of the Y-Couloir) on Glockturm 3355m, Kaunertal, Tyrol: PD, 4.2, E1 (45°/200m + 35-40°/300m)

Easy accessible ski line on the wild side of this classic touring destination.
It’s a beautiful couloir between towering walls of rock and snow. In deep powder conditions it is 100% amazing free-ride terrain. The first few meters can be rocky, so a rope might be of good use here. However, if the cornice isn’t too big, sidestepping should work as well. It is never too steep or exposed, so some skiers might feel comfortable leaving any extra equipment at home.

NWW couloir (looker’s left branch of the Y-Couloir): 35-40°/500m
SW/N couloir (the dog leg couloir from the summit): 40°/500m, sect. 45°

Photos by @conathanjumpman


The first turns after a 20m rappel


Rope manipulation


The line from above


Soft snow where it did not slide off


Beautiful turns in the amazing main section


What a great ski


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