The Wall

Taschachwand – the wall

In addition to the video we made (on vimeo ⇒), Eduard also took some nice pictures during the descent. So here is his perspective from our latest day trip to the Oetztal Alps: (click for full size)


Approaching the ‘Taschach Hoch Joch’ from ‘Petersen Spitze’ (snow pyramid in the back)


After the hard entry we found a couple of centimeters of cold powder on top


Controlled jump-turns still feel more comfortable here


This is the steepest section of our choosen variant (short section of 48° in the upper third of the wall)


After the intitial steep section we discuss the conditions further down


We go skier’s left, entering the wide face


The first careful turn in the main section of the face


Wow! Almost perfect conditions, but slough is really getting a problem we have to deal with.


Wide turns in the less steep lower part


Here snow is already quite sun effected


Looking up from the bottom while I fly by

The Route:


Gallery (click through)

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