Hochgall / Monte Collalto (IT)
North West Face 5.1 (45+°/400m)

One last ski outing to end the 2021 season. Its been quite difficult to ski in Austria as a German for all the known reasons. BUT it was no problem to go ski in the southern alps! South Tirol /Italy had their borders open. And having skied nothing really interesting throughout all winter, I was really keen to join Tobi again on one of his wild projects.
We talked with nobody about it and therefore were quite surprised when one of his friends skied our objective together with fellow Italian mountain guides just a couple of days earlier.
Francesco Tremolada, well known mountain guide and author (Freeride in Dolomiti), describes the line as “one of the most interesting steep ski lines in the eastern Alps”

As regular working people who are dependent on the weekends, we couldn’t do anything but hope that it would still be in acceptable conditions.

After a short night sleep in the car, we started from the valley floor one early saturday morning in May.

And yes, weather that day was perfect, the face slightly wind affected, but still good to ski:

Hochgall NW Face

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